Polishing the Diamond

These days we are bombarded with messages about staying mentally and emotionally well. Most of us have a sense that to have good overall health we must also have positive mental health. But, just how to keep on top of stress and demands of day to day life and how to navigate more difficult times can feel more elusive. We know we need to eat right, stay physically active and that we are supposed to keep stress at bay, but there’s the theory and then there’s the practice.

Enjoying positive mental health is akin to polishing a diamond, inherent in the rock is a strong and beautiful gemstone but it takes continuous care to keep it polished and shining bright.

This is especially true for those of us working in helping professions such as health, social care, education, emergency services, police and the military. But also, legal professionals, advice workers and a profession close to our own hearts, homelessness, which tends to span all of the above.

We can help people polish the diamond by going beyond mental health promotion into helping cultivate good self care and develop a better understanding of psychological and self compassionate approaches to emotional and mental health.

We know that now, more than ever, as helping professionals, we need to thrive, not simply survive if we are to sustain ourselves whilst helping others.

Our aim as a not for profit social enterprise is to skill up and enable professionals to develop, sustain and enjoy good health as well as to make use of psychologically informed approaches and trauma sensitive care with their own clients, patients and service users as well as in the design of services.